Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A Touch of Community

If you have not heard OneNote 2006 is a new community blog. This blog will allow you to sign up as an author and contribute. I have already claimed my id and password but have not yet made my first post. This is one more step in the community-building process. I hope some of you who are OneNote advocates take the opportunity to post your thoughts and ideas at OneNote 2006 and help build up the OneNote community which is a benefit for us all.

I am also happy to announce that the owners of OneNote 2006 and OneNote PowerToys have graciously extended some file space hosting to the Unknown OneNote Guy blog. So for anyone looking for the OneNote 2007 Xml Viewer download you should be able to access it now at

I will be leaving the download for the xml viewer on the original hosted server but I expect that if all goes well we will post our files only to shared spaced provided by the owners of OneNote2006 and OneNote PowerToys owners.

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