Friday, September 22, 2006


Toolbar AddIn for OneNote 2007 Project Files

I had been waiting for sometime to play with Toolbar Addins and with the updates included in the Technical Refresh I am finally able to give it a spin.

Daniel Escapa has provided beta documentation to create a sample Toolbar AddIn. You can download it from his blog posting titled "Creating Toolbar Buttons in OneNote 2007". Using Visual Studio.Net 2005 you can follow the step-by-step example and create a Toolbar Addin.

To help you along I followed Daniel's document as closely as possible and created the sample Toolbar AddIn. There were a few places in the document that needs a little clarification and I will pass those on to Daniel but over all you can follow it pretty easily. For your coding pleasure I have zipped up the completed VS.Net 2005 solution and the install files for Daniel's sample. You should be able to download the files, extract them to your hard drive and compile the code. Or if you just wish you can run the install files included in the archive.

The archive can be downloaded from the storage provided by owners of OneNote 2006 and OneNote PowerToys community sites. Here is the link you will need:

While you are downloading the file stop by and leave a read or post on their sites!

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