Monday, September 11, 2006


Check out Daniel's Post on GUIDs!

If you read my previous post - A Look at GetHierarchy() Part II you will want to have a look at Daniel Escapa's post title "Small chat about OneNote GUIDs ". You get a little better understanding on how GUIDs and ids are used in OneNote. Of importance in this post if I read it correctly - certain ids are not persisted between starts and stops of OneNote - which I did not know.

Armed with a little more knowledge of GUIDs and IDs I will need to find some time to dig into the OneNote Xml Viewer and see how that effects other toys on my workbench. Obviously if I understand the post correctly we will not want to persist any hierarchical ids.

I appreciate anyone who can comment on my posts and clarify or correct any of the technical aspects of it. Got a comment, idea, correction or criticism drop me a comment. It is great that one of the PMs of the team is taking time to add to our community. There is obviously lots of little items that will not be readily apparent to us without some insider knowledge.

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