Thursday, August 17, 2006


OneNote 2007 Extensibility DevCon Video

For all you dev types out there Daniel's DevCon session on OneNote extensiblity is available.

CD310—OneNote 2007: Introducing OneNote Programmability and How To Develop Solutions and Extensions

This time around OneNote will let us import and export infomration. This is a BIG gain for organizing and integrating your information. This is a BIG gain for OneNote PowerToys. No longer will PowerToys be always moving content into OneNote. We can now create Power Toys that send from OneNote.

If you are not a dev type watch the intro of the vid and you will get a quick look into the new features of OneNote 2007. Daniel's session is using Beta1 TR and we are now on Beta2 and waiting for B2TR but you will still get a good view into OneNote 2007's features and extensibilty options.

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